Ever make those lists of how your day is supposed to go?

Shower, eat breakfast, get groceries, buy shoes because yours are broken, straightening your hair would be cool - do that!, make lunch, painting nails would make you feel nice, write that thing you need to write, LAUNDRY, make dinner, go to bed.

And then halfway through the day you revise that list to:

Shower… maybe you can wash some socks in the sink.

And by the end of the day its:

You showered. That’s good.

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I *need* this book in my life.

I have it! It’s silly but cute. I’ve yet to make any of the recipes, though, because if there’s one thing I have no shortage of in my home, it’s cookbooks.


I *need* this book in my life.

I have it! It’s silly but cute. I’ve yet to make any of the recipes, though, because if there’s one thing I have no shortage of in my home, it’s cookbooks.



This little girl is going places.


Rabbis David, Itzik, and Menachem are arguing over whether a certain item of food is kosher or not. David and Menachem hold that the food is not kosher, and have a whole list of examples de’orayta and de’rabanan to back their viewpoint up. Itzik holds that the food is kosher, and has his own wealth of de’orayta and de’rabanan citations to fall back on.

The debate rages on for days, with no indication that they’ll ever reach a consensus. Finally, exhausted and at his wits’ end, Itzik shouts to the sky, “If I am right, let HaShem Himself declare it so!”

The rabbis’ mouths open wide as the clouds above part, a ray of light comes down from the Heavens, and a thundering voice calls out, “Rabbi Itzik is correct! The food is kosher and so can be eaten!”

Rabbi David shrugs and says, “Eh, so now it’s tied.”

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So you might’ve thought we’ve been slipping the past couple months with no new posts but we swear there’s a good fucking reason for the radio silence. We’ve been working our asses off on the book and now you can finally preorder your copy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or Books-A-Million.

We know y’all have been patient and we really appreciate that shit. We’ve poured everything we can into this damn book and it’s taking some time to get that shit right. We didn’t want some half-ass book that looks like we just printed off a bunch of stuff from the site. Naw, we know you deserve better than that. So this book hits hard with 100 brand new, tasty as fuck recipes that are guaranteed to elevate your kitchen game.

Stay tuned for more updates, behind the scenes shit, and all kinds of previews as we get closer to unleashing this beast of a book.

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook is coming for you October 2014.

Expect that shit.


futurerevolutions asked:

What exactly are the approximate races of Alana and Marko? Like it's a fantasy/sci-fi deal so I know they're aliens but, let's be real, I seriously doubt the team would stray from this kind of question since they write a comic like this and the artist is an ~awake~ WoC?????






“This is an original fantasy book with no superheroes, two non-white leads and an opening chapter featuring graphic robot sex. I thought we might be cancelled by our third issue.”

- Brian K. Vaughan (x)

Both Brian and Fiona have repeatedly said that their heroes are PoC. And of course it’s clear from Fiona’s illustrations that neither Alana nor Marko are white, but that Alana has darker skin than Marko.

The only featured/recurring character in the Saga universe who actually seems to have white skin is The Stalk.

However, I still come across white-washed Saga fan art and fancasting posts, which never cease to amaze and infuriate me. No matter how pretty the art, I will never repost that shit.

If people genuinely see these characters as white, they need to check their eyesight or their racism. And I doubt the optometrist will find any deficiencies.

Thanks for the ask. I haven’t had a good rant on this subject in a while!

Personal pet peeve is folks who think Marko is white. He ain’t.

Marko is meant to be Asian- more specifically, I combined features from a handful of Japanese models and actors when I was designing him. I can see why people sometimes mistake him for white, because I avoided using exaggerated racial markers (slanted eyes, rounded nose, etc). With simple cartoon drawings like these, a lot is left to the reader’s imagination. So I accept there will be some misidentification because I didn’t draw Marko’s family like Mulan characters, haha.

I see Alana as having mixed heritage. When I drew her father I was envisioning an Indian man. Her mother remains a mystery!


An answer from fionastaples herself!

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"My Mission is to Surprise and Delight" 

 (Sheila Black)

My daughter works in the Apple Store—the Help Center, open 24-7,
people from all fifty states, angry because their iPhones
malfunctioned or they don’t know how to program their data
plans. She practices sounding knowledgeable yet ditzy; mysterious
yet lucid, and able to reassure. She has never been ranked down for
a “bad conversation, ” and they rate every call. Some of the kids
lose it—the ones who get fired.” A bit better than minimum.wage,
but not much. “You get addicted to the notion-what would it
mean to be the perfect Apple helper every time?” They reward.her
with T-shirts. “You are the Future!” in a pretty Apple box. And
letters signed “Apple.” “We know you have dreams. We know
you are the one we have been waiting for.” They have taken
over the Wells Fargo Bank building downtown, a row of white
Apple cubicles made of slick plastic-beautifully designed. Steve
Jobs said “simplicity takes effort.” He said “Apple is for the
person with the unique mind.” After work, my daughter and her
co-workers bend over their iPhones, When I say “rosemary,”
my daughter Googles a picture of it. Her latest t-shirt bears the slogan
"My mission is to surprise and delight." This annoys her faintly.
"How can I wear it outside the Apple Help Center?" she asks. "Apple
loves you,” says the latest letter. I want to say “You, Steve Jobs, did
not invent a machine alone. No you, Steve Jobs, invented a new
form of loneliness. No wonder you were not able to live forever.
The body has to get its own back somehow. How you have.separated
each from each, self from self, the anti-parable in which
all breads and loves become as one. The silver apple, which
will never be edible, will never be baked into any kind of pie.”
I ask my daughter how she does it-eight hours, call after call,
and everyone angry, or sad, or simply frustrated. “I never speak
as myself,” she replies, “but as Phone Girl.” Phone Girl has no
past, no present, no family. Phone girl is all light and longing.
She is only a voice, and a voice can be anything.” My daughter
holds out her hands, “She is a light you can see straight through.”


The First Doctor’s modus operandi.
Planet of Giants - season 02 - 1964




The First Doctor’s modus operandi.

Planet of Giants - season 02 - 1964